I was introduced to PregOmega, believe it or not whilst visiting the Mama magic expo in Durban, the effects where tremendous, being anemic at the time, and having experienced a problem with lactation previously it had really done wonders for me inside and out, it regulated my mood swings as well as provided my body with the necessary goodness needed

Halima Shaik


The moment I found out I was pregnant my gynae suggested that I take PregOmega plus. I love it. It contains all the vitamins and minerals, folic acid, omega-3 fish oil and extra calcium. All-in-one. I will continue taking it during breastfeeding

Amoré Sameera Jooste


 I used PregOmega during my pregnancy and 9 months after whilst breastfeeding. It gave me a lot of energy and is the perfect all in one supplement to look after me and my baby  

Nicoleen Meeding


We have been trying to fall pregnant for quite some time now, and have had 5, yes I repeat, 5 failed IVF attempts. We have had to endure 3 separate egg retrievals, and 5 egg transfers, all of which ended in devastating failure. There was no reason, but clearly just not our time to be blessed with a miracle. But, this time something was different, from the start of the next egg retrieval I started PregOmega Plus, as I had been on a different brand for the past 5 failed attempts. Your 3 in one vitamin did not repeat on me, and we are now pregnant (5 weeks and 3 days) with, what we are hoping, a perfect little blessing ( or two, or three) I won't complain about the number! But thank you! I feel PregOmega Plus made the difference, as the smallest things can change the outcome! Thank you for a product that I believe in, and will never ever change, thank you for offering a quality product, and thank you for giving my body something it was clearly needing!

Kate Lund



PregOmega is the only vitamin that I drink during my pregnancy, this is my third pregnancy and my baby is growing beautifully, both my sons were born over 3.5 kg and healthy. I always advise my friends that become pregnant to use PregOmega, and they all agree that it is the best product on the market. At 4 months pregnant I don’t even feel the effect of the pregnancy, I'm energetic and healthy and that’s all thanks to PregOmega that gives me the vitamins and minerals for me and my baby boy! Love PregOmega and will keep recommending it to all my friends with their pregnancies

Nadine Steenkamp


Thanks to PregOmega Plus I was able to deliver a healthy and happy baby. I'm still taking the supplement to help with breastfeeding  

Ruweida Muhammad


PregOmega helped my children develop beautiful throughout both my pregnancies. Now I have two very clever healthy babies. THANK YOU! The pills are a convenient size to take. I still take PregOmega while I am breastfeeding my youngest (she still breastfeeds at 17 months), and I know she is getting the best she can! It also helps me be the best mom I can be by giving me energy for the day

Nicole Basson



PregOmega helped me through my second pregnancy. It was really easy on the stomach and I had more energy. With all the vitamins and minerals my baby came out perfect and healthy. PregOmega is beneficial for both mum and baby and I would recommend it to anyone

Janel Sunderlall


 I used PregOmega during my pregnancy and 9 months after whilst breastfeeding. It gave me a lot of energy and is the perfect all in one supplement to look after me and my baby  

 Nicoleen Meeding


PregOmega was the best supplement I could have ever taken. With my iron content always being an issue, pregomega helped stabilize this. It not only provided my body with folic acid, iron, magnesium, calcium and omega 3 fish oil but it contributed to the development of my beautiful girls too. PregOmega in a nutshell was the power packed vitamin that kept my pregnancy and my babies healthy and happy! Thank you PregOmega for all the nourishment to my beautiful, happy, healthy girls!

Keith AN Lucy